I am midway through Round 2 of Marcelle Pick’s Women to Women's Weight Loss Program and I have to say, the results and benefits I feel since beginning the program have been phenomenal. Apprehensive at first as the program is extremely restricted, I quickly gained momentum and confidence by looking at the daily reduction in numbers on the scale totaling 24 pounds and 18+ inches during Round 1 of the program. I have slowly learned to recognize my triggers and emotional responses to food and been able to redirect those emotions to something more productive to my life and less harmful to my body. The staff at Women To Women are extremely supportive and helpful. I was assured at the beginning of the program that support was only a phone call away and it really is. Not only was I offered in person visits, but I can participate in my appointments by doing them by phone as well. The Facebook group for participants has been instrumental in providing me with ideas, challenges between members, the opportunity to cheer each other on and provide tips, tricks and recipe ideas. Staff members at the office including Marcelle provide input on the Facebook group as well to provide support and ideas as well as direct patient to call the office if they feel that extra help is needed. Not only am I beginning to feel great, I am beginning to appreciate my body and recognize that no matter where I am at in my weight loss journey, I can look great at that moment in time by appreciating my body and giving myself credit for the journey I am taking to a new and healthier way of life. Thank you so much for giving me the courage and support to live my life as a healthier and happier woman!