Last summer I didn’t feel well. My body hurt, I was exhausted and I couldn’t understand after waking up in the morning why I could still be so tired. I wondered if I had an autoimmune disease or if there was something else going on. Through my research I came across Marcelle Pick’s book “Core Balance”. The book talks about restoring your body’s own equilibrium with diet and life style changes. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the author lived in Maine so I made an appointment with Marcelle Pick. After a lengthy discussion about my health, habits and stresses she recommended that I make some dietary and life-style changes before going through a multitude of tests for any autoimmune disease.

Marcelle suggested I do the Transformation Diet, to not only lose excess weight but also to eliminate foods that may be causing the imbalance in my body. I went on a very restricted diet for nearly 8 weeks.  I won’t lie.  It was difficult -not so much feeling overly hungry but mostly dealing with social situations. However, I was determined to feel better so I stuck to the program. After the 8 weeks I gradually began adding foods back into my diet, testing to see how I felt and how my body responded.

During the weeks of the Transformation Diet I also had a genetic test done which told me everything from what type of diet I should follow to the most beneficial exercise for my body type. This information has been extremely helpful for me to know how to move forward with my fitness and weight-loss goals.

Also as part of the transformation, Marcelle proposed I see an image consultant, Julie Cunningham, for a color consultation. Julie spent 1 ½ hours telling me what colors I look best in, tips for hair, glasses and make-up. She also gave me a booklet with swatches of all my best colors to take home. It was a life changing experience, I feel so empowered...seriously! Knowing your colors and style makes shopping so much easier, no more wasting money on clothes and accessories that don’t work. It is worth every penny!

In summary, I lost 25 lbs. during the first 8 weeks and then another 10 lbs. over the next 16 weeks. Losing weight is always a huge victory but more importantly I feel fabulous! My energy is back, my body doesn’t hurt as much, my skin is vibrant and I have enthusiasm for life. I feel like a different person! Transformation is a good word for this program. If you follow the program it not only transforms your body but how you think and how you feel. There is still a lot for me to learn, I know it will take time for this life-style to be my new ‘normal’ but for now I am truly happy with the results.