When I found this program I was overwhelmed, overweight  and hopeless.  I felt this way because at that point I tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked.  I even tried diets that worked for me in the past.  I was left losing 1 or 2 pounds before I gained back 5.  I was at my was my lowest  when I found the Drop 20 program.  After a call with Marcelle, all I had left to give was a full commitment that I was going to give this last shot a try.  All I could think was “please help me.” I didn’t believe it would work and most certainly that I would be able to do it.  But when I got started with the plan and the homeopathic drops my whole wold started to shift.  I was no longer hungry and no longer had a desire to eat (or use food to soothe me).  That was only the beginning.  As I progressed through the online course work and homework assignments I began to learn so much about myself and why I ended up, at 44 years old, so overweight.  I felt a new peace and calm.  I felt like I may actually be able to be successful with this program and my weight loss.  It was all so simple to follow!  You take the drops, you eat the food you’re told, and use the recipes given to you.  Finally, the weekly coaching and meetings on zoom only furthered my feelings of being supported throughout my journey.  I felt freedom within myself and with food that I’ve never felt before.  I felt so grateful. I am not the same person who started this program.  Not only did I get my life back, but I was gifted a much better and brighter one for myself in the present and future.  I lost about 42 pounds in 12 weeks but gained so much more; a life free from the weight food had in my life.  I couldn’t be more grateful for this program and would travel the world to share this program with those of you still suffering like I was! You will  see the changes in your body, and in your heart and soul.  You won’t look at yourself the same way again.  Literally.  Oh, and there is no way around it… you WILL lose the weight!!!

Samantha, 44

susan a weight loss collage

I would like to send a huge thank you to Marcelle and your team and share some before and after photos of my success on the Drop 20 program.

I have lost 36 lbs., 21 inches, and a whole lot of puffiness. I have greatly improved my cholesterol and my blood pressure, and I gained confidence that I can continue to live my life this way.

I have come such a long way in 12 short weeks, not only physically, but emotionally as well. This program is so well rounded, it covered every aspect of weight loss. I enjoyed Marcelle’s videos and the online courses as much as the weekly coaching calls with Cathy. I loved the peer support on the zoom calls and sharing stories and recipes on the facebook group.

I am grateful that you gave me the tools to change my life!

Thank you!

Susan A

I was so thrilled when I began my healthy lifestyle journey and was able to loose 50 pounds and then I was just stuck. I was so frustrated as I knew how to eat – at least I thought. As a coach, I was able to help others shed pounds and I could no longer help myself. I even started to gain a few pounds back – slowly. I struggled with the scale for years, the same few pounds. I started to be really hard on myself. Things I would never say to others, I would say to myself. Then I discovered Marcelle Pick and the Women’s Transformation Program, and all the weight that I had been struggling with started to fall off. I discovered the foods that weren’t working for me and learned to eat what I needed to eat. The drops are what I call miracle drops and the program is easy to understand and easy to follow. Don’t struggle unnecessarily and waste years of time, when there is a program and people waiting to support you to achieve your goals. 


My name is Elaine. Although I am new to Women to Women Transformation since March of this year. I am proud to share my recent weight loss of 20 lbs. I had been researching for a weight loss program that was Non Surgical and offered a Structured, Caring, program and that was not too far from the area. Googling on the Internet I had seen the website in February. Then one evening driving home from work I heard the voice of Marcelle Pick talking about her program. I decided to call as soon as I got home. I spoke with Marcelle and had my Free consult appointment explaining about the program. 

I am not sorry I did. Since I  started the Covid 19 outbreak caused my job to be Furloughed. This Explains why I am loosing a little slower than I should  I have my weekly meeting over the phone to avoid close contact at this time. I am determined during this difficult time to continue my  journey until I reach my goal, not to use the present events to delay my journey once again life has always reasons to delay what we need to do for ourselves. I can’t wait to see the results.  

Thank you for your guidance and support Women to Women has offered to me.

– Elaine

Keely S weight loss before and after pictures

I began the Women’s Transformation Weight Loss Program on 11/28/2019. I am 5’2” my starting weight was 203lbs. I came to Women to Women at the lowest point in my life. I was in physical and emotional pain. My weight had gotten out of control and I was desperate to find a solution.

I had been overweight for 15 years. I began putting weight on after the birth of my child but my unhealthy relationship with food began long before my struggle with obesity. I used food as an answer for every emotion. Happy, sad, tired, bored, stressed; all were answered with food. I had been on some sort of diet from the time I was 15 years old. None delivered lasting results or helped me gain control of my eating. My last effort before the Women’s Transformation Program was a low carb diet. I managed to take off 40lbs but I was unable to keep it off more than a few months. I was discouraged and believed that weight loss was impossible for me. I was in horrible abdominal pain every time I ate. I was tired all the time, I had high blood pressure, chronic migraines, joint pain and my psoriasis was out of control. I was prescribed multiple medications which only made me feel worse. I felt trapped in my body. I desperately wanted to change but I needed help.

I heard the Women to Women advertisement on the radio. I made an appointment and began. I was determined to follow the Transformation Program  to the letter. I did; one day at a time, one meal at a time. For the first time in my dieting history I lost weight and kept it off. Not the yo-yo of weight loss where you loose 3lbs one week and gain 2lbs the next but steady weight loss every day. It was relatively easy. I didn’t have the crippling cravings I had experienced on other diets. As my weight decreased, so did my pain. I removed dairy, grain and all refined sugar and was able to get rid of most of my prescription medications. The gastroenterologist that had prescribed anxiety medication for my abdominal pain and gastroparesis couldn’t believe all my symptoms had resolved with only my diet change. My psoriasis is 95% resolved, I have cut my blood pressure medication in half and my joint pain and migraines are gone. As my body healed from my poor eating habits, I began to feel hopeful that I may have a life after obesity. A life free from obsessing about food or my size.

On August 26, 2020 I reached my goal weight of 118lbs. I had gone from a women’s size 20 to a petite size 6. I had hoped that I could loose weight but never dreamed that I could get back to what I weighed in high school! I have been able to maintain my weight loss within 2 lbs as of Christmas of 2020. I am continuing to learn about my relationship with food. I am so much more mindful of the things I allow not only in my body but in my life. I know that the Women’s Transformation Program made it possible for me to finally make the  changes I needed to take the weight off and save my own life. I am so thankful that I took the chance to try this program. My journey has truly just begun to a happy, healthy me!

Note: the before pictures were originally meant for my eyes only or I would have worn something other than my underwear! The clothed before & after were done at Christmas 1 year apart.

Was just blown away


The program was great! It was super easy to follow. [Marcelle and her staff] were super supportive and I was just very skeptical… I wanted to believe that it would work – wasn’t sure that it was going to work – and was just blown away how easily it did work. I would totally recommend it!

Tara Weller, 38

It’s a six-week program for a life-change


The weight loss program has been fantastic for me. It’s been 12 days, I’ve lost 10 pounds. I’ve done it without being hungry – even though you might go reaching for food, you’re not hungry. I take a drink of water, I tell myself it’s a six-week program for a life-change. I’m incredibly thrilled with the first week and a half of being down almost a pound per day.

Barbara Smith, 41

I’ve gone down a size in everything


I have been doing the weight loss challenge for six weeks. Lost 24 pounds. I am hiking, which I couldn’t do before. I’ve gone down a size in everything, I’m close to the next size of clothes in everything and it’s awesome! I feel great. I have energy. I ran up the stairs this morning! Went away for three days – didn’t even gain a pound – stayed right on track and it feels so good!

Emily Landry, 42

I watched my body fat percentage drop


This program works! In six short weeks, I went from a size 12-14 to a size 6-8. It takes some getting used to to eat all those vegetables, but doing so meant I was never hungry. I found that the daily weigh-in was a most useful piece of information, and thanks to the body fat measurement feature of my scale, I watched my body fat percentage drop along with my weight. Twice-daily servings of fruit kept my sweet tooth satisfied, and my performance at the gym didn’t even suffer. Thank you for this terrific jump start!

Ruth Hendrickson, 45

I feel like a different person!


Last summer I didn’t feel well. My body hurt, I was exhausted and I couldn’t understand after waking up in the morning why I could still be so tired. I wondered if I had an autoimmune disease or if there was something else going on. Through my research I came across Marcelle Pick’s book “Core Balance”. The book talks about restoring your body’s own equilibrium with diet and life style changes. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the author lived in Maine so I made an appointment with Marcelle Pick. After a lengthy discussion about my health, habits and stresses she recommended that I make some dietary and life-style changes before going through a multitude of tests for any autoimmune disease.

Marcelle suggested I do the Transformation Diet, to not only lose excess weight but also to eliminate foods that may be causing the imbalance in my body. I went on a very restricted diet for nearly 8 weeks.  I won’t lie.  It was difficult -not so much feeling overly hungry but mostly dealing with social situations. However, I was determined to feel better so I stuck to the program. After the 8 weeks I gradually began adding foods back into my diet, testing to see how I felt and how my body responded.

During the weeks of the Transformation Diet I also had a genetic test done which told me everything from what type of diet I should follow to the most beneficial exercise for my body type. This information has been extremely helpful for me to know how to move forward with my fitness and weight-loss goals.

Also as part of the transformation, Marcelle proposed I see an image consultant, Julie Cunningham, for a color consultation. Julie spent 1 ½ hours telling me what colors I look best in, tips for hair, glasses and make-up. She also gave me a booklet with swatches of all my best colors to take home. It was a life changing experience, I feel so empowered…seriously! Knowing your colors and style makes shopping so much easier, no more wasting money on clothes and accessories that don’t work. It is worth every penny!

In summary, I lost 25 lbs. during the first 8 weeks and then another 10 lbs. over the next 16 weeks. Losing weight is always a huge victory but more importantly I feel fabulous! My energy is back, my body doesn’t hurt as much, my skin is vibrant and I have enthusiasm for life. I feel like a different person! Transformation is a good word for this program. If you follow the program it not only transforms your body but how you think and how you feel. There is still a lot for me to learn, I know it will take time for this life-style to be my new ‘normal’ but for now I am truly happy with the results.

Marie Newman, 37

I was almost 140 lbs and now I am at 122 lbs

Connie Durrell

This program has helped me to know HOW TO GET RID OF INFLAMMATION!! I was more desirous of getting rid of inflammation than loosing the weight so that is what I kept in mind. I found out that the weight goes as you follow this plan for eliminating inflammation out of your body. I was almost 140 lbs and now I am at 122 lbs, at 72 yrs. of age, and the inflammation seems to have mostly disappeared from my whole body in 6 full weeks. Now I am elated to keep following this plan to keep inflammation at bay. It’s all about what goes in my mouth!!! I am learning what foods to totally stay away from and hoping I get the DNA testing back soon which will help me more on what specific foods I need to stay away from as I advance into the maintenance stage.

Connie Durrell, 72

I feel vibrant and full of life

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. I could never have imagined that I could feel this good. I am so grateful to Marcelle and her program. She gave me my life back again. I wasn’t able to recognize my face and body in the mirror. I was sad and now I feel vibrant and full of life. Spending 12 weeks focusing on improving my health and learning to eat foods that will help me thrive made all of the difference for me. I enjoy cooking and eating again. I am sleeping so much better I’m excited to wake-up each morning and enjoy all that is to come in my future. Thank you!

Julie, 43

Just in time for summer bikini weather

I started gaining weight when I turned 45.  When I turned 50, I had gained more than 30 pounds in 5 years!  Confused, because I thought I was eating super clean and super healthy.  I assumed it was due to menopause.  I tried everything to lose weight and I worked out every day.  A friend of mine recently told me about Marcelle’s Program.  What a blessing!  I have lost 17 pounds in a very short time and I have so much energy! I still have another 13 pounds to lose, but I’m so happy that I’m fitting into my old jeans again! This plan works!  Just in time for summer bikini weather 🙂


To put it simply, this program works.

To put it simply, this program works. I have tried all the things. Diets, supplements, carb cycling you name it I tried it. As a busy mom in my late 40’s I noticed nothing I used to do was working anymore for weight loss. I can safely say that if you follow this program you will be successful. It’s been such a delight to get such great results.


I am beginning to appreciate my body

I am midway through Round 2 of Marcelle Pick’s Women to Women’s Weight Loss Program and I have to say, the results and benefits I feel since beginning the program have been phenomenal. Apprehensive at first as the program is extremely restricted, I quickly gained momentum and confidence by looking at the daily reduction in numbers on the scale totaling 24 pounds and 18+ inches during Round 1 of the program. I have slowly learned to recognize my triggers and emotional responses to food and been able to redirect those emotions to something more productive to my life and less harmful to my body. The staff at Women To Women are extremely supportive and helpful. I was assured at the beginning of the program that support was only a phone call away and it really is. Not only was I offered in person visits, but I can participate in my appointments by doing them by phone as well. The Facebook group for participants has been instrumental in providing me with ideas, challenges between members, the opportunity to cheer each other on and provide tips, tricks and recipe ideas. Staff members at the office including Marcelle provide input on the Facebook group as well to provide support and ideas as well as direct patient to call the office if they feel that extra help is needed. Not only am I beginning to feel great, I am beginning to appreciate my body and recognize that no matter where I am at in my weight loss journey, I can look great at that moment in time by appreciating my body and giving myself credit for the journey I am taking to a new and healthier way of life. Thank you so much for giving me the courage and support to live my life as a healthier and happier woman!


Marcelle Pick has saved my life! 

Women’s Transformation Weight Loss Program and Marcelle Pick has saved my life!  This program has enabled me to regain my self esteem and begin living the healthy life style I have always wanted.  Before joining this weight loss program I had tried everything to lose the weight and find a program that I could live with forever.  This program is the only one that I have been able to follow and see lasting results.  I no longer suffer from acid reflux, achy joints and mental fog.  Over the past few months I have lost over 30 pounds and now enjoy eating healthy meals can with out ever feeling hungry.  Thank you to Marcelle and her staff for helping me succeed in my weight loss journey.

Linda Morin

With this program, I HAVE OPTIONS!!!!

First of all, I thought this was some sort of far fetched very restrictive diet, which personally, I could not do considering I have a very busy household. I know that this sounds really scripted and all that, but it really does work!!!!

I am also a bit of a picky eater. With this program, I HAVE OPTIONS!!!! I can switch up my food choices to keep it fun. Marcelle, Ann and Kathy are really helpful and their willingness to help you on your journey ( yes, it is a journey, how you approach it. It’s up to you) they are really knowledgeable and are willing to provide you with information to educate you on how this program works and get you to where you want to be.


I have more confidence in myself to get healthy now

I know it sounds cheesy but I have to say, I know I have more confidence in myself to get healthy now. With Marcelle, Kathy and Ann’s teaching and advice, I have the understanding of the choices that I make can change my health for the better or worse. So far it’s been for the better and I thank them for that.


I’ve thrown away… every piece of black clothing I own

In the summer of 2020 I made a decision that I had ‘had enough’. My blood pressure was the highest it had ever been. I don’t take medications and didn’t want to start. I was watching so many people put on the ‘COVID 20’ or 30 or more and also didn’t want to do that. Someone told me about this program and I had also been hearing Marcelle’s ads on the radio – as if she were talking directly to me!

I started out at 5’ 1”, 183 pounds. In 12 weeks I took off 35 pounds and 20.75 inches (with the biggest loss around my waist). I’ve been on maintenance for 8 weeks and I’m down a total of 43 pounds. I went from a size 18 jeans to a size 12 and they’re a little to baggy! I have less than 10 pounds left to take off to be at a healthy BMI for my size and I have no doubts that I’ll reach that goals and maintain it for the rest of my life.

The first week of the program was tough but with Marcelle’s support along with my coach I made it through and then beyond. The program was relatively easy and I didn’t have to think a lot about what to eat. I made every day a little different than the day before. I had been doing a KETO program for 3 years and not being successful (although I loved every bite of every fatty food I ate!). Turns out my genes prefer a low fat diet.

Most days I’m very satisfied on maintenance eating low fat. Over the holidays and on other family celebrations I’ve allowed myself to eat what I want without guilt and get right back on the program the next day.

This program works! The homeopathic drops are amazing and they work. I had no cravings and no hunger during those 12 weeks. I loved meeting with my coach each week to talk about my wins but more than that I loved the weekly Zoom calls where I would see other women transforming week after week before my eyes. Their wins were my wins. We learned from each other’s challenges. I took a few weeks off from the Monday night calls when I started maintenance. When I returned it was so exciting to see how far everyone had come and the hope and possibility in the eyes of the newcomers. The Facebook page has also been a helpful platform for sharing wins and challenges.

The icing on the cake was treating myself to a couple of visits with a few sessions with Julie Cunningham for my color analysis and style analysis. I’ve thrown away just about every piece of black clothing I own and have replaced them with brighter colors!

I have recommended this program to others and so far one family member has completed the program and is 30 pounds lighter while a friend is just embarking on this journey. As I said, the program words. I was ready and I truly have been transformed!

Ellie R